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We grow Oyster & Shiitake mushrooms using sustainable low tech methods. Our mushrooms are picked fresh and delivered to some of the best restaurants in the south west of England - in some cases just metres from the farm!


We're on a mission to inspire people about taking a more sustainable view of where food comes from. Our GroCycle Kits have brought the idea into people's homes around the country and our GroKids Kit is helping to inspire the next generation too.


Some people are so inspired that they want to learn the whole process in more depth. To spread the idea, we created the GroCycle Online Course to teach our knowledge and help others get growing in their area.

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We're proud of our status as a certified social enterprise. Right from the beginning our aim has been to spread this sustainable approach to mushroom growing & get people involved.

Since 2011....

62337 kg Coffee Recycled
29932 people Growing Mushrooms @ home
862 people Trained in Mushroom Cultivation

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Want to get stuck in and learn how to do this yourself?

Check out our Online Course where hundreds of members in 42 countries are learning how to grow mushrooms from coffee waste

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