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We grow Oyster & Shiitake mushrooms using sustainable low-tech methods.

Our mushrooms are picked fresh and delivered to some of the best restaurants in the south west of England.


We're on a mission to inspire people about sustainable food growing...and that starts at home.

Our GroCycle Kits bring home-grown gourmet mushrooms into your kitchen: open, water & harvest 14 days later for super fresh mushrooms!


Some people are so inspired that they want to learn the whole process in more depth.

That's why we created an in-depth online course where we teach people all around the world how to ​grow mushrooms the easy way.

Delicious Oyster Mushrooms

.....grown by you at home


Making An Impact

We're proud of our status as a certified social enterprise. Right from the beginning our aim has been to spread this sustainable approach to mushroom growing & get people involved.

Since 2011....

62337 kg Coffee Recycled
29932 people Growing Mushrooms @ home
862 people Trained in Mushroom Cultivation

Become A Mushroom Farmer

Want to get stuck in and learn how to do this yourself?

Check out our in-depth article about How To Set Up A Low Tech Mushroom Farm

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GroCycle Urban Mushroom Farm

...see where our mushrooms are grown

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