We offer a range of different mushroom cultivation training courses. We have taught more than 1000 people worldwide via our online courses, and we also now offer an in-person 1 day mushroom growing workshop at our farm in Devon, UK.

Check out the list of courses below and choose the one that suits you best:

Online Mushroom Cultivation Training

Course #1

Growing Mushrooms At Home

A step by step online course showing you the easiest way to grow your own mushrooms at home.

Whether you’ve tried growing before and failed…. or never grown a mushroom before in your life, this course is designed for beginners who want to grow on a small scale at home using simple methods & minimal equipment.

The course takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through the easiest way to grow your own delicous fresh Oyster mushrooms at home.

Course #2

Low Tech Mushroom Farming

More than 80 in-depth video lessons walking you through how to plan, build and run a small scale mushroom farm.

If you want to learn how to grow Oyster & Shiitake mushrooms, without loads of expensive equipment, extensive research or loads of space, then this course will be perfect for you.

You can skip the learning curve and go straight in to successfully growing a load of fresh and delicous gourmet mushrooms in your local area.

The course also includes membership to the Low Tech Mushroom Farming online community group, filled with 500+ small scale mushroom growers from more than 50 countries all over the world.

To find out more, download your FREE ebook using the button below, and you’ll also receive some free training videos & full info about the course.

Course #3

The Grow Kits Masterclass

Learn how to make & sell mushroom growing kits with our Grow Kits Masterclass (also includes membership to the Low Tech Mushroom Farming Online Course & Community).

If you want to turn your mushroom project in to more of a full time business then you should really think about making and selling Mushroom Grow Kits.

Not only is it really fun to pass on the excitement of growing mushrooms for others to enjoy at home, but it is one of the best ways of generating income for a mushroom business.

The GrowKits Masterclass walks you through everything you need to know, including box design, production, storage, logistics, marketing, ecommerce and more.

To find out more, download your FREE ebook using the button below, and you’ll also receive some free training videos & full info about the course.

1 Day Mushroom Growing Course @ GroCycle Farm

1 Day Mushroom Growing Workshop

Come to our farm for the day and learn how to grow mushrooms with our popular 1 day mushroom growing courses.

You’ll take a short tour of our farm and then do some practical sessions inoculating some bags of substrate and logs.

You’ll also learn the basics of mushroom cultivation theory and take home with you:

  • An inoculated bag of straw ready to finish growing Oyster mushrooms at home with
  • A tray of low tech stem-butt mushroom spawn that you’ll make on the day
  • An inoculated oak log ready to finish growing Shiitake mushrooms at home with
  • A printed guide to growing mushrooms covering everything that you’ve learnt on the day

What Our Course Members Say:

"We needed a good body of knowledge and expertise, and we really got that from GroCycle. The support and advice we received was invaluable - it was the base of everything that LifeCykel has been built on"
Julian Mitchel, LifeCykel
"My big fear about courses are that I will get a few small gems and waste a lot of time when I can usually just search the net. Let me say I have been absolutely delighted with the content, delivery & community you have brought together. Your website, video content & simple presentation has been excellent"
Peter Twigg

Why Learn With US?

GroCycle: Pioneers Of Low Tech Mushroom Farming

Here at GroCycle mushroom farm we’ve been pioneering simpler low tech ways to grow mushrooms since 2011.

Mushroom growing is often seen as a complex process, but in our experience anyone can learn to do it pretty easily if they choose the right methods.

We’ve trained thousands of people around the world in mushroom cultivation, and we love seeing what people take away and do with this knowledge.

  • Some people take great pleasure in growing fresh mushrooms at home for their friends and family
  • Others set up small scale mushroom farms as a sideline or hobby business
  • And some even take it forward as a full time business

We have also partnered with one of the world’s most experienced mushroom growers to offer a mushroom consultancy service for those who are thinking of setting up a larger commercial scale mushroom farm.