GroCycle Farm: 3D Video Mushroom Farm Tour

Come and take a look around our farm with this 3D video mushroom farm tour. See inside our fruiting room, mushroom extracts lab and YouTube studio, and click on the yellow hotspots in the video to learn more.


  1. Click the play button
  2. Walk around the farm and explore
  3. Click on the yellow ‘hotspots’ within the 3D video
  4. Download your free eBook below to learn more!

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How To Set Up A Low-Tech Mushroom Farm

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  •  5 different ways to build a fruiting chamber
  •  How to run a mushroom farm
  •  Can you make a living out of this?

Are you interested in learning how to grow mushrooms?​

If so, this mushroom growing guide will show you some low tech ways to set up a small scale mushroom farm and grow mushrooms at home or for sale in your local area.
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How To Set Up A Low-Tech Mushroom Farm