About Us - GroCycle

GroCycle is a project launched by Fungi Futures CIC, an innovative social enterprise based in Devon, UK.

We have been growing Oyster mushrooms from waste coffee grounds since 2011, and are still hugely inspired by the scale of the opportunity. We also know that we want to spread the idea further, so we have created the GroCycle Urban Mushroom Farm to test our ideas, and have designed an easy to use Mushroom Grow Kit to enable you to grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home from waste coffee grounds. We hope you enjoy the process!

Best wishes, Adam and Eric

Our Aims

Our aim is to keep coffee waste out of landfill by using it to grow gourmet mushrooms, produce fertile compost, and biofuel.

We’ve come a long way since our first year when we collected 5 tonnes of coffee grounds from cafes in Plymouth. The café staff took some while to get used to the sight of us walking off with their waste on our backs!

The GroCycle project is all about finding innovative ways of meeting our aim – whether this is through growing Oyster mushrooms for local sale, our GroCycle Mushroom Kits, or teaching the technique so that it can be replicated in cities all over the world.

Our Ethos

GroCycle is part of the growing movement of Social Enterprise, where the focus is on business as a positive force for social or environmental good, rather than for profit.

We operate as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, which means that all income we receive goes directly towards our aims. Any surplus we make is ploughed straight back into developing the idea further and maximising our impact.

How are we doing?

We’ve worked hard to develop a business model that reduces the amount of coffee grounds being buried in landfill. At the same time we’ve been  growing delicious food and engaging  people in the process. Most of the time it works very well, but there’s always room for improvement – so let us know how we’re doing.