Grow,   cook   &   learn   with   the  Grokids   Pack

The GroKids Pack is about making learning fun. It introduces you and your family to the fascinating world of mushrooms. With the simple to use pack you can grow, cook and learn together.
The pack has tons of fun facts, activities & dried mushrooms for cooking - and of course a super easy & guaranteed to grow GroCycle Kit!


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GROW,   COOK    &   LEARN   together


Open your GroCycle Mushroom Kit and grow mushrooms in just 2 weeks!
You’ll be amazed to see how quickly these mushrooms grow; they virtually double in size each day!


There's a ready to use pack of dried mushrooms we've grown for you.
This way you can get cooking straight away and there's an easy recipe included.
Mushroom Burgers anyone?


An 8 page booklet makes the wonderful world of mushrooms easily accessible.
You'll learn lots about mushrooms through fun facts & activities. You also meet the very helpful Fun Gus!

OCTober 2016 : TAke   part   in   the   GroKids   Challenge

Over the last few years we’ve seen thousands of children enjoying our mushroom growing kits - watching in wonder as their mushrooms grew day by day on their kitchen worktops.

We feel there’s so much more for kids (and parents!) to learn about how mushrooms live and how crucial they are in nature and in our daily lives.

That's why, this October, we’re launching the GroKids Challenge!

What is the   GroKids   Challenge?

This October we'll be running a series of competitions and showcasing some great videos and articles all about the wonderful world of mushrooms. Take part alongside hundreds of other families as you grow your own mushrooms at home and learn all about them. Share your photos, recipes and enter our competitions throughout the month.

You'll receive a series of emails with growing tips, fun mushroom facts and activities - as well as invitations to enter photo & recipe competitions.

We’ve constantly inspired by mushrooms.
Each year we recycle tonnes of waste coffee grounds by using them as the food for the mushrooms in our grow kits. Now we’re inviting you and your kids to have some fun and join us in learning more about these amazing organisms.

What   other   parents   said

Shane Melaugh

“My son absolutely loves the mushroom grow kit, I genuinely haven't seen him so interested in something before! We are all looking forward to seeing them grow”

Hayleigh Tague 
Blogger 'Budget Food Mummy'

"I know I'm going on about these little guys, but look! This is day 5!!! I'm actually excited to come down each morning and see how much they've grown."

Blogger: 'Life of a two world mummy'

John Doe UI/UX Designer
Shane Melaugh

"The children are fascinated by them and love squirting them with water every day. They have told me they want to make mushroom pizza once we harvest them. I am going to make Captain Hook his favourite risotto as well."

Blogger: 'Amy is hooked'

Grow,   cook   &   learn   with  
Grokids   challenge

Introducing kids to the wonderful world of mushrooms!