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GroCycle Mushroom Kits On Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch Show

​We​ are proud to hear that our GroCycle Mushroom Kits will be featured on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch show ​​on the 11th ​August 2019.

the sunday brunch show

​The show will also feature ​the mushroom grow room that we have helped the V&A ​Museum to build and run as part of their Food: Bigger Than The Plate exhibition.


​The Mushroom Grow Room in-situ at ​the V&A's Food: Bigger Than The Plate exhibition

The mushroom grow room is a living feature ​in the 6-month long exhibition, w​here the mushrooms are being grown on recycled coffee grounds from the V&A cafe. 

​​To complete the cycle, and to demonstrate​ innovative food production in action, the mushrooms are then harvested each week ​for use in the V&A restaurant.

​The Brunch Show will be taking a look ​inside the exhibition as part of the ​show, and also growing some of our ​'grow your own' mushroom kits inside the studio to cook with live on the show.​

Grocycle mushroom kit

We're thrilled to have been working with the V&A museum these last few months and are excited to see the feature on the Sunday Brunch Show when it airs in a few weeks' time.

​If you'd like to visit the exhibition, it's open until 20th October 2019 and you can book tickets and see opening times here.

If you'd like to have a go at growing your own mushrooms then head over to our shop and pick up a GroCycle Kit to grow some delicious Oyster mushrooms for yourself at home.

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