GroCycle Mushrooms on BBC Countryfile

It’s mushroom season and plenty of people want to find out more about these amazing things.

Some prefer to forage in the wild and others want to have a go at growing them at home.

One aspring mushroom grower we had the pleasure to meet recently was BBC presenter Paul Martin. He became interested in how we grow mushrooms on coffee waste as he was getting ready for a feature as part of October’s BBC 1’s Countryfile Autumn Diaries.

Eric & Paul collecting the coffe e grounds at Artigianos cafe in Eexter

We asked Paul and the Countryfile team to come and have a look around our farm, the UK’s first Urban Mushroom Farm.

It’s right in the heart of Exeter, where over the last 12 months alone we have collected well over 3,000,000 cups of coffee waste (by bike!) and turned it into delicious healthy Oyster mushrooms.

We took Paul out on the bike on our daily collection round and then showed him the whole growing process inside the farm. He was amazed with how quickly these mushrooms grow and how little space they need.

Paul Martin during the filming in Exeter city centre
Paul Martin during the filming in Exeter city centre

Then, we sent him off with a Grow Kit to grow with his kids at home. The last we heard, they loved it, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the show when it’s on in a couple of weeks’ time.

If you catch the show and feel inspired to grow some mushrooms for yourself, then head on over to the GroCycle Shop and pick up a kit. It comes with a grow guarantee and free 48 hour delivery – a week or two from now you could be cooking up a fine autumn breakfast…Mushrooms on toast anyone?

Grow Mushroom at Home
GroCycle Grow Your Own Kit

Check out Countryfile Autumn Diaries, Wednesday 26th October 2016, BBC1 9.15 am or Watch On BBC iPlayer.